An adjustable central meeting section patented by Reynaers guarantees high air tightness levels. Hi-Finity can be adapted to a wide range of opening options including duo rail, triple track and central closing, allowing up to six movable glass panels. In addition to that, the revolutionary corner solution makes it possible to merge in- and outdoors without any barriers.

The special character of Hi-Finity sliding doors is expressed by its unique handle. The design of this handle balances a minimalist presence with a strong expression. In a closed position, the handle makes a connection with the wall, seemingly melting into it. As a part of the design, the material of the handle has been carefully studied and selected. The combination of the strong metal with the soft touch material proves the sense of detail which is key to Hi-Finity.
The dedicated wheel base ensures the fluid movement of the glass panes with even large opening surfaces easily operated manually.